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Sustainability is part of our vision, is one of our core values and plays an important role in everything we do. Our initiatives are a strong and inherent part of our day-to-day work and help maximise our impact on a sustainable society. With our elegant, resourceful and sustainable approach, we aim to be a role model for other hotels and to inspire our guests. Sustainability is in the DNA of all our staff.

duurzaamheid hotel


We have launched several initiatives to make the energy consumption in our hotels as sustainable as possible. All of our hotels run on 100% green energy. Our LED lighting saves power, reduces UV radiation and provides additional safety. We use light sensors in the corridors and cloth towels instead of hand dryers or paper towels in our public toilets. Wherever possible, all our hotels are insulated and have double glazing.

We separate waste and reduce food waste by adapting our purchasing to suit demand as much as possible. We give our old furniture a second life by donating it to people in need.

We also try to minimise water consumption. All hotels have water-saving shower heads, dual flush toilets and rinsers.


Our hotels collaborate as much as possible with local food distributors for our breakfast buffet and lunches & dinners. We have a partnership with the Van Der Kleij laundry service, which has Fairtrade and Global Organic Textile Standard certification.

Sustainability is an important criterion when purchasing new toiletries. The same applies to the purchase of cleaning products, which must not contain any harmful chemicals.

We also minimise paper usage and printing as much as possible. Invoices are only stored digitally and securely, and most of our invoices are sent to our guests by email. These measures have already reduced our paper consumption by 80%. 

RonaldMcDonald samenwerking


Children should not have to live in hospital. Unfortunately, some children have no choice. Ronald McDonald has houses in Rotterdam and The Hague, which offer accommodation close to the hospital to the families of these children. We support these houses in all kinds of ways:

  • an annual donation through their business clubs and a donation box in our reception area;
  • donating useful items;
  • sale of merchandise in our hotels, such as soft toys and Dopper water bottles;
  • offering guests the option to give 'night kisses' to young patients during the online booking procedure;
  • offering discounted rooms to families when the Ronald McDonald houses are full;
  • an annual employee volunteer drive to help out in one of the houses.

Every reception area at Fine Hotels & Suites has an AED, which our full-time employees are trained to use.

We believe in a long-term commitment to our employees, which is why we support their personal and professional development, enabling them to pursue a fulfilling career. Our internships give young people the opportunity to gain valuable experience. All applicants are welcome, provided they share our core values and passion for our guests. People with disabilities are also more than welcome. We look at their abilities, not their limitations. 

Green Key

At Fine Hotels & Suites we do everything to make your stay a night to remember. At the same time we try to minimize the impact on nature as well as the environment. With different measurements we try to work sustainably and socially responsible considering our environment, without compromising the comfort of your stay. With our efforts we go a step further than the normal regulations against environmental pollution. We try to keep up the requirements of the Green Key organization and we would like to show our interest in corporate social responsibility, that is why we have received the Green Key certificate for all of our hotels.

Green Key is a well-known international quality brand for sustainable businesses in the hotel and recreation industry. This label shows that we are doing everything within our power to minimize the impact of our business operations on nature along with the environment.

The Green Key certificate has three levels, bronze, silver and gold. The more environmental measurements a hotel takes into account, the higher the level of the label. We are proud to announce that our hotels have the following levels:

- Buitenplaats de Bergse Bossen: Green Key Gold since 2011;

- Stadsvilla Mout: Green Key Gold since 2021;

- Stadsvilla Mozaic: Green Key Silver since 2021;

- Casa Julia: Green Key Silver since 2021.


We continue to work hard to integrate sustainability into our hotels in all areas: the environment, responsible purchasing and social engagement. Each hotel has a sustainability policy that clearly formulates and communicates our objectives and allows us to monitor them. We are aiming high, and we want to improve in all areas in order to make an increasingly positive impact on our sustainable society. See below for the full sustainability policy, objectives and progress for each individual hotel.

duurzaamheid hotel